Saturday, December 03, 2005

On Resignations

Tiberius Galerius Paulinus asked this years candidates to share their opinion on magistrate resignations.

The following is my opinion on resignations:

My opinion on resignations is that if a magistrate resigns from public office the Consuls should review the resignation, and discuss it among themselves. Either both Consuls, or one among them, should contact the resigned magistrate to find the exact reason for the resignation. If, after some discussion, it is determined that the individual in question truly wants to resign then the Consuls should then issue an edict officially notifying the people that said magistrate has officially resigned and indicate than an election will be held in the near future to fill the vacency -- or in some cases the senate will be convened to appoint a successor, depending upon the office vacated.

This would give the chief magistrates of Nova Roma an opportunity to find out why citizens are willing to walk away from their post, correct a potential problem from getting worse, and/or convincing the person to remain in office. Often times people resign from office because they are frustrated. They want to leave Nova Roma because they feel they can no longer make a difference. Compassion, and understanding is the necessary solution.

It is tragic to see a magistrate resign his or her office. Getting to the real reason for the resignation is important. We can sit back and pass judgement against an individual as long as we like. The fact of the matter is that every single person in Nova Roma has a life that includes vast elements that are not a part of Nova Roma. Issues dealing with marriage, divorce, deaths, births, loss of friendships, faith issues, etc... All of these factors have an impact on how a person performs in their duties to Nova Roma. If we ignore the demands placed on citizens throughout our Republic then we ignore the future of Nova Roma. People are what makes Nova Roma great, and they are our most valuable resource. We should not loose sight of this.


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