Monday, December 12, 2005

ENDORSEMENT - Q. Caecilius Metellus Postumianus

Buteo and I have met on at least three occasions, and have spoken more than a few times. Buteo is, indeed, a great man, and I dare say more deserving of the agnomen "Pius" than I. Fabius Buteo has served the Republic as Tribune, and currently serves as governor of the Provincia Lacus Magni, Flamen Pomonalis, Augur, and as a Pontifex. Fabius Buteo has never shirked from service to the Republic, nor, do I suspect, will he ever. Fabius Buteo is a leader, and one who will undertake any task fearlessly, and with the utmost dedication. Fabius Buteo is also a man of sound judgement, a man who sets goals and does whatever is necessary to see to their achievement. If no one else, I believe Fabius Buteo will lead Nova Roma much closer to acheiving its full potential, and to accomplishing its goals. There are no reservations, as I feel, to be had about Gaius Fabius Buteo Modianus, and I ask you to cast your votes in his favor.


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