Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Questions for candidates

A. Apollonius Cordus presented the following questions:

First, a question for the candidates for consul: you've both explained what you would like to promote and encourage within Nova Roma, but could you explain why you feel you need to be consul in order to do this and what you hope to do which you will not be able to do if you are not elected?

My vision of the Consulship is one of leadership, and action. The Consuls should be those individuals that guide Nova Roma towards meeting the goals of our organization. They should be the ones who propel Nova Roma forward. Surely, it is possible to provide a positive voice for growth, and to provide leadership without being Consul. However, it is very important role of the Consul to lead, to provide the necessary leadership to motivate the citizenry to new levels of participation, and citizenship. Nova Roma is an organization with an unlimited potential. I believe it takes dynamic leadership to tap into this potential. What makes Nova Roma great is the people involved within it, and I believe a good Consul should help to bring the people together.

I will support my election platform whether or not I am elected. I can have some influence over these goals, even if un-elected. However, if elected Consul it becomes easier to ensure the priorities of Nova Roma are implemented, because the responsibility and duty to do so will rest upon my shoulders [as well as the shoulders of the other Consul elected]. If elected Consul my success or failure will depend upon how successfully I developed the goals and priorities of Nova Roma.

And finally, for all candidates, my favourite question: are you now or have you ever been a member of any political party, alliance, faction, or other group with political goals within our replublic?

I am a former member of the "Boni." I am in full agreement with what Gaius Minucius Hadrianus Felix recently stated, " My personal feeling (based on my own experiences) is that such associations have the unfortunate tendency to promote the worst sort of personal politics which in my view have become the bane of our organization." I currently belong to no political faction.


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