Tuesday, November 29, 2005

ENDORSEMENT - Marca Hortensia Maior

M. Hortensia Quiritibus spd;

I am here to give my full support to Gaius Fabius Buteo Modianus candidature for Consul. I think he will be great. Why?

1. He has maturity and understanding - A Uniter

He & I argued a lot;-) But after talking we found out our anger was due to our frustration over the Religio. I called him on the phone and we really spoke. Sure he convened the CP and rid me of my 'nefas' status. You know what? If someone whom I insulted on the ML a lot, is big enough to forgive me & then help me, he has the character to be a great consul. It shows maturity and understanding.

2. He is an active member of the Religio & totally tolerant. - Tolerant

The religio group has really prospered since he is there helping and pontiffs Metellus and Graecus too & he does real life events. But notice there is no anger on the ML. No Christian, atheist, agnostic, Jewish or other civis feels the least bit threatened by Gaius Buteo Modianus's activism. This is a great example & good for Nova Roma in every way.

3. He is an active real world organizer for Nova Roma - Proven Activist for Nova Roma

Gaius Buteo Modianus is not an internet Consul. He knows how to organize, more importantly he does it. He can help our organization expand in the most important way - face to face meeetings. I've done my share of organizing as Propraetrix of Hibernia & now in America Austrorientalis;yes it is hard. So I admire someone who walks the walk.

So Quirites these are my reasons for supporting the candidature of Gaius Fabius Buteo Modianus. He will represent all of Nova Roma and make our organization grow & honour the Gods. I can't think of
better reasons to run for Consul.

bene vale in pacem deorum;

Marca Hortensia Maior TRP
Caput Officina Iuriis et Investigatio CFBQ


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