Tuesday, November 29, 2005

ENDORSEMENT - Gaius Minucius Hadrianus Felix

C. Minucius Hadrianus Felix Quiritibus S.P.D.


I would like to offer my full and wholehearted endorsement of Gaius Fabius Buteo Modianus for the office of Consul. I have had many opportunities to deal with Gaius Fabius both within and outside of Nova Roma and I have always found him to be a highly intelligent, motivated and thoroughly honorable individual who exemplifies those uniquely Roman ideals of Dignitas and Pietas. He has also shown himself to be a uniter during times when division and political acrimony were the norm within Nova Roma. He is exactly the sort of leader Nova Roma needs and deserves.

Valete bene,

Gaius Minucius Hadrianus Felix


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