Tuesday, November 29, 2005

ENDORSEMENT - F. Galerius Aurelianus

F. Galerius Aurelianus flamen Cerealis to the Senate and People of Nova Roma.

I whole-heartedly endorse the candidacy of G. Fabius Buteo Modianus for consul of Nova Roma. I truly believe that he will be an asset to our organization, an excellent magistrate, and will further our goals in the real world. He and I are brothers in the Religio and he has been one of the foremost advocates and teachers of our faith and practice. Few Nova Romans have demonstrated so well the virtues of firmitas, auctoritas, humanitas, and gravitas than G. Fabius Buteo Modianus. I believe that Dii Immortales will be well-honored and the public rites faithfully celebrated with Modianus as Consul.

Although he has been involved in many debates and discussions, some of which were very heated, he has remained dedicated to the ideals of Nova Roma and has never waivered in his continued support of our organization. I have always found him to be a good and faithful citizen even when we have had disagreements but he has never become profane or insulting as so many others are want to be.

Please read his list of priorities and goals carefully and email him to ask questions, as he has always been very quick to respond to those truly interested in his plans, goals, and beliefs. While most of our consuls have been good men, I believe that G. Fabius Buteo Modianus, if elected, will be measured among the very best. The public goals and virtues of pietas, salus, securitas, and fides will find a strong champion in this man. I encourage all of my fellow Plebs to join their hands and voices with mine in support of this most worthy and honorable candidate--Modianus for Consul.



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