Tuesday, November 29, 2005

ENDORSEMENT - Caeso Fabius Buteo Quintilianus

Salvete Quirites!

Between my mothers sickbed and my work I was happy to read this platform. I am thrilled to see Gaius Fabius Buteo Modianus supporting the priorities that was approved during the Consulship of Gnaeus Equitius Marinus and Gnaeus Salvius Astur.

To me all these points are dear and important. It is time for the Religio to become a visible force in the service of the Gods and the People. To work for the financial strength of Nova Roma has always been important to me both as a Senator and Consul. Recruitment has been important for me ever since we planned such during my Consulship. "Sustaining support of existing projects" is very important to me, especially as I had the honor to start the Magna Mater Project. Ever since I saw the lack of personal contact and the People accepted my "Lex Fabia de Oppidis et Municipiis" the work for the local groups are close to my heart. Yes Gaius Fabius Buteo Modianus couldn't have choosen a better approach as candidate for the Consulship. The last point also is an important one as who has been "Encouraging citizens to become involved in the work of government" more than I have done by creating the first magistratical staffs, the Cohortes a way to organize the support of a magistrate and to let citizens "learn the ropes".

This is a splendid platform for the Consulship of Gaius Fabius Buteo Modianus and it doesn't become any less important as it is supported by the Senate. Please support the candidacy for the Consulship of Gaius Fabius Buteo Modianus, he will make a excellent Consul in times when Nova Roma will have to adjust to new circumstances. He has an eye for what is important and how to deal with these issues.


Caeso Fabius Buteo Quintilianus

Censor, Consularis et Senator
Praeses, Triumvir et Praescriptor Academia Thules ad S.R.A. et N.
Editor-in-Chief, Publisher and Owner of "Roman Times Quarterly"
Sodalitas Egressus Beneficarius et Praefectus Provincia Thules
Civis Romanus sum


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