Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Declaration of candidacy for Consul

During the Consulship of Gnaeus Equitius Marinus and Gnaeus Salvius Astur a Senatus Consultum was approved by the senate that set priorities for Nova Roma in order of precedence. If elected Consul I would continue in the tradition established by these former consuls, and set these priorities as my own.

The priorities are listed below in, with an explanation as to how I plan on supporting these priorities.

The Religio Romana; it's promotion, preservation, protection, and diffusion throughout the communities of Nova Roma.

An extremely important institution of Nova Roma is the Religio Romana. As Consul, and as a Pontifex, I will work to encourage the Collegium Pontificum to reform itself. I believe that reform is necessary within the Collegium Pontificum. Establish clear expectations of all priests in Nova Roma; from Sacerdos to Pontifex Maximus. Make sure the obligations of the priesthood are fulfilled, and ensure that offerings are made by our priests on behalf of the Senate, and People of Nova Roma on a regular basis. The blessings of the Gods of Rome are essential for the survival of our Republic. We, as a Republic, need to make the Religio Romana a priority, while still being mindful of the need for tolerance and understanding. For those who embrace the Gods of Rome we need to offer assistance in "promoting, preserving, and protecting" the divine cults. For those who do not embrace the Gods of Rome, but who respect those who do, we need to offer tolerance and acceptance as fellow citizens.

Establishment of a Nova Roma Endowment and its long term growth.

Monetary resources are essential to the long term survival of any organization. The future of Nova Roma rests on decisions that are made now, and the foundation that is laid today may grow into what we all hope, and envision. With a well established endowment fund, the future of Nova Roma can be secured. Through a process of continued, and systematic commitment to the financial well being of Nova Roma our future will be secured. If a fund is not already created, I will urge the senate to approve of one and make sure it is maintained. A fund like this also needs more tax paying citizens. A positive, and active Nova Roma means more tax payers.

Sustaining support of existing projects, including the publication of the Eagle, the Aedilian Fund for the Magna Mater Project, the Scholarship Fund, and the Land Fund.

Maintaining the traditions that have been started by others are important, because they build up our history. The continuance of existing programs is important because it shows that we are committed to the endeavors that we start. If elected Consul I would support the projects of me predecessors with enthusiasm. This includes, but is not limited to, the Magna Mater project.

Outreach, recruitment and retention of citizens, including fostering interest in the activities of the Sodalities.

I believe the Sodalities are important to Nova Roma because people join Nova Roma for different reasons, and a strong body of Sodalities will make Nova Roma stronger. Nova Roma should be able to be all things Roman to all people interested in things Roman.

Additionally, I support the GO Roman project of the Sodalitas Egressus, and if elected as Consul will encourage education of provincial governors so they can understand how the Go Roman project can help build-up their province. I will also encourage a grass roots recruitment and retention program, involving provincial governors and their administrations.

Promotion of Local Group activities.

The provinces are important to Nova Roma, because they help to facilitate contact between Nova Romans. I fully support active provinces, and local group activities. I believe as much support as possible should be given by the senate and magistrates to facilitate the establishment of more local groups. I believe Nova Roma should EMPOWER people to join together, and not require so much "red tape" it makes it impossible to organize into local groups.

As a citizen, and if elected Consul, I will encourage people to attend regional events, such as the Conventus in Europe, and I will work to create such an event in the United States.

Local groups are very important to the life of any organization, and Nova Roma should support the existing local groups, and encourage the foundation of new ones.

Encouraging citizens to become involved in the work of government.

Nova Roma needs a steady influx of new citizens. As our current citizens rise through the cursus honorum there will need to be new citizens to take their place. In order for Nova Roma to be a thriving organization we will need our citizens to get involved. I believe in supporting citizens to become active. If elected Consul I will support new citizens, as well as established ones within my consular staff to help some new citizens get a grasp of our process. If you want to be involved, you will only need to ask.


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